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.... The cunning tempter: ....

Naked on the road
I was born to drive you home tonight
And hug you to the bone
Baby baby, please
Maybe you can lease to me some fine future memories

Like a restless traveller I’m alone here too
And whenever we’re lonely I’d sure like with you
Like a restless traveller
May our maker be with you in this wint’ry storm
Like Jesus I’m sleeping, although not quite sleeping, with you
Like a restless traveller

Baby let me die for your mindless love and comfort too
And then we’ll say goodbye

Like a restless traveller I’m alone here too
And when it gets colder I’d sooner get older with you

.... The "onus probandi -exonerated" psychologist emeritus: ....

The older you are, the more you love

.... The cunning tempter: ....

I’m a restless traveller
May the spirit wade with us thru the weeds of time

.... The spirit who speaks in thirds: ....

I’m right here, white robe and all

.... The cunning tempter: ....

Now, is it December? I can’t quite remember with you

.... A random trespasser of utmost importance: ....

Still a restless traveller


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