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Draco 14.10.2010

Really nice music guys

Mordus 03.10.2010

Hello, Taber. I am aware of your band. You guys make good music! However my nick is in no way related to your bands name. I just smacked my keyboard to come up with some nickname and Mordus was the result ;D

Name:Taber 21.09.2010

Hello Mordus, this is Taber from the USA band Mordus! check us out at us

Name:Bera 04.09.2010

Great music - powerful and earthy. Hails from Austria \m/

Jonezky 23.11.2009

This is just awesome! I love Mörkret Faller, it has awesome feeling! I'm happy that I finally found this band, beacuse i just saw some drum close-up of mörkret faller in youtube, and now I'm here! Great music!

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