Hard Rock

Cream of the Crop 13.07.2009


The opening track on the demo "Generated by the Abducted Musicians". A bit closer to hard rock than most of the other songs. Music/lyrics: Karzor

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Progressive Rock

Things May Seem Real 13.07.2009


A fairly demanding prog song. It was originally intended for our other band, Prime Mover. Music & lyrics: Nymius

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Instrumental Rock

Summer Breeze 13.07.2009


A short instrumental. With a good vibe? Music: Nymius

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Heavy Metal

The Witch, The Demon and the Unlikely Duo (and the Psychotic Space Wizard) 13.07.2009


True heavy metal. The song title also says a lot about what kind of music this is! Music/lyrics: Nymius

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Every Human Being Is a Fool 13.07.2009


Is it allowed to have a major key ska part after a slow, minor key ballad? Whaddaya mean "no"?!
Music/lyrics: Karzor

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Progressive Rock

Somewhere in the Open 13.07.2009


A prog song that is a bit special - featuring many different styles. Music/lyrics: Nymius

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Progressive Rock

As If 13.07.2009


Prog/hard rock. Music/lyrics: Karzor

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Slowly Slipping 13.07.2009


A laid-back instrumental, relaxing. Music: Karzor

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Progressive Rock

Spring Thing 2009 13.07.2009


A new version of an old song. Happy prog pop. Music/lyrics: Nymius/Karzor

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Progressive Metal

An Exhibition of Challenging Art 13.07.2009


This 11-minute prog suite has five parts:
I) The Thinking Man (0.00-1.00)
II) The Difference Between Good And Bad (1.00-5.48)
III) I Know What Lies Behind (5.48-8.37)
IV) State Of Denial (8.37-10.04)
V) The Thinking Man (reprise) (10.04-11.11)

It was written back in the early 00's, intended for Prime Mover. Many different styles, all in the same package: folk, prog metal, thrash, jazz, psychedelic... Does it work well? Is it true art, or just annoying nonsense?

Xebunator guests on Fender Rhodes. Music/lyrics: Karzor

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