Very sad news

Jussi "Giuse" Turunen, the singer, guitarist and songwriter of Ghost Trio (and Afar a Bird and some other projects), passed away on 8th of July, 2007.

The last song that Jussi recorded, "Molto Pericoloso", is available here.

Rest in peace, Giuse!

- Sampo

My peace is there in the receding mist
when I may cease from treading these long shifting thresholds
and live the space of a door
that opens and shuts

(Samuel Beckett)

16/01/2007 Check out the Piecemeal (live) video at YouTube!

18/12/2006 Three new songs have been released.

18/10/2006 Listen to the entire Key To No Door EP at

01/10/06 Acoustic songs by Giuse and Sampo have been found in the archives. Listen to the songs here!

29/09/06 Check out the Circuit of Possession (live) video at YouTube!

16/05/06 The song Circuit Of Possession was released as an MP3 single at New Music Community.


Air Out 18.12.2006


Nauhoitettu joulukuussa 2006.

8.72   45 4443 plays

Circuit Of Possession 02.12.2005


Uuden EP:n avausraita, uudelleensovitus giusen sävellyksestä vuodelta 1999.

8.82   29 3996 plays

A Lonely Place 15.12.2005


Uuden EP:n päättävä Rhodes-tunnelmapala.

8.9   42 4467 plays

Nocturne 03.12.2005


Ensimmäiseltä demolta (tammikuu 2005)

8.54   15 3634 plays

Dare Go On 30.12.2005


Ensimmäiseltä demolta (tammikuu 2005)

8.68   41 4193 plays
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