Fractured Spine | 06.02.2012 | Death/Doom

Taken from Memoirs of a Shattered Mind (2014).

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You pay in tears
You pay in blood
Try to wipe away
The shards of long forgotten
that won't return

Forgive yourself
for what was done
Forgive yourself
The person
you've become
(And it eats you)
(up inside)

Wander the night
Keep the ghosts away
Into the woods
There ain't no escape

Your everlasting silence
(Punishment remains)
Ghosts of a (long)
forgotten day

The guilt
won't just go away
Not until
you've paid
(with everything you own)

Shallow child
what have you done

Pain inside
- what you had is gone

And forever
we remain
What once
has been unbreakable

...and for never
Only guilt remains
And no
point of return

[down in tears]

(Grim frost will come)
(to take you far away)

[wait in fear]

(For vanity with happiness)
(you paid)

[down now, my dear]
[The end is]
[(to) fix what]
[you have]

(Forgiveness was not)
(meant for you)

(So shut all)
(of it inside)

[late to]
[erase the mess you made]
[Too late to]
[take back]
[all back]
[fall back]

(You got what)
(you deserve)

Far away the moonlight
Blood red in tears and pain
Keeps you up at night
Digs deep down your flesh
As long
as you remain.


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