Angel of Malice

Forlorn Insanity | 02.07.2012 | Metal

Debasement EP:n ensimmäinen kipale. Soolot: Atte Putkonen, Tomi Koskinen.

8.50   1162 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

As I walk this cold earth
I carry a burden on my shoulders
Obliged the command to kill
Resting in my arms, my aura of light
Henceforth I stand by your side
In the eternal wrathful tide
As a keepsake of undying love
Holding hands again

Our souls converge on and on
Approaching the distant storm
Faithfully knowing
That we will continue to stand
Caress me my love
From high above
Take your last glance
And take me with you
Why would you take your own life
Just to save mine?
Can't you hear me screaming
My heart died with you

Tear the walls apart
Make all my dreams collapse
Burn away the last of my memories
Boiling hate

Oh death
Take my last breath!
Love's intolerable pain
Reaches again
Oh angel of faith
Covered in sins and filth
Yet you shine with purity
Please don't hurt..

And so I shall
Lead you away from harm
Wipe all your tears
And make you smile
The void in your eyes
Will soon dissapear
This rose might sting
But you'll be with me my dear


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