Midnight Sun

Excrement | 20.05.2022 | Power Metal

Singlejulkaisu toukokuu 2022.

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Were we brought here just by chance
Or guided by hand of fate?
A chance for new beginnings
To look forward and dare to turn the page

Through the rage of winter night
I navigate toward your light
Are we still here under the warmer skies?

Let me walk with you into the midnight sun
Let us dream all of our dreams true
Let me feel what I never felt before
And we'll make up for the time we lost
It's not lost anymore

Battered by time we would stand
The scars unite and they begin to heal
Pinch yourself but can't wake up
As this story is already real

Overcome I still would cry
And even so I don't know why
Maybe as past and future intertwine


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