Tear After Tear (laululla)


Elikkäs.. kyseinen biisi laulujen kanssa..kommentoikaa :)
Kiitokset lauluista "DOMINANTE":lle :)

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This is the night i'll never get to sleep
My promisses were more than i can keep
But something in your eyes just made my try
Never thought this trying makes me cry

Tear after tear
i faced so many fears

When the time has come
I will be the one
To fill all your needs
stop your hide and seek

Tear after tear
i faced so many fears

Baby i never stopped trying for you
beatyfull moments we had still are true
Still we got no hope because of you're dead
gravestone of yours is all that i met

Tear after tear
i faced so many fears

As the years pass me by i realize
No one is sadder than who cannot cry
Still i remember your heart full of gold
Story of you baby, i always been told


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Metaleagle 04.12.2006
Todella hyvä biisi! Saan kunnian olle teidän sadas faninne =)
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