Spittin' Piety

Def Puma | 11.02.2013 | Hip-Hop

2004. Beat by Ghost Beats.

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(verse 1)

Ayo I stand defiant against gods in a land of migrants
Bring noise by demanding silence
It's a mad environment, like every day
A deadly strain like the hanta-virus
I plan to fight it, I'm getting ready to snipe
I just snap on a crosshair and clip like a stylist
I throw a 'bow like a violinist, assign hits
I'm the vilest annihilist
I'm getting sick of this sinning, I'm trying to be pious
I'm finally righteous without ridiculous gimmicks
It seems sickening that smut pays
Upgrades to a lottery where every single ticket is winning
Begin a rigorous trend against densing ignorance
My pen sings while I'm making amends
Fact is that the 'Catt spit phat shit only
Word is bond like 'I do' in a matrimony

(chorus x 4)

Spittin piety on wax with variety
I'm hyper like anxiety attacks, yo

(verse 2)

I don't wanna see a kid molested
But for companies touching kids is a big investment
It pays off, cause it's advocated
by idolized images fabricated
Infactuated with Maxim and Max Payne,
now back to the basics
Make this shit run-down like laxative agents
Little kids keep on basking in mass entertainment
They give 'em credit if they keep maxing the payments
The same chips someone reimburse in a salary
Maybe you understand my first verse analogy
It's getting to me, irritating like an allergy
That's why Freddy C. is my third personality
A fallacy pyramid, you can hear I spit originality
just by my pitch and clarity
And I'm here to let you know that I'm pious
and I choose spider- over pigeonhole cause I'm original


(verse 3)

I'm only one individual (original)
Try to be critical, analytical, what I do
is speed it up against the media, sonic and visual
not a provisional cat with a shot IQ
I move past what I don't like fast
and my vocals I blast with a gold mic
I'm on a mission to teach
Mad love like a kiss on the cheek
I'm dishing a treat
Unique peeps listen to me
I see kids get affected mad deep by ad sheets
Think it's fair to say shit's getting hectic?
Eclectic when I travel the planet
Unraveling havoc, my words turn gravel to granite
I grab the gavel and panic and give a ruling for dueling sin
I ain't gotta be rooting for who will win
I stay sick with variety on ideal tracks'
Basically spittin' piety on wax



And that's my word, man
I'm trying to do something about this shit
I'm spitting piety on wax, know what I'm saying

Ayo this IntriCatt
I'm tired of fucking around with y'all
Hit me up, man


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HiljaisElo 17.10.2013
Varauduin jo siihen et pääsen sanomaa et vaiha kieltä mut enpäs sanokkaa :D Harvoin kuulee hyvää englannin kielist räppii suomalaisen suust mut tää kyl toimii... Pirun hyvä flow sullaaa ja muutenki taitavaa riimittelyy... Sul on oikeestaa jotenki aika ärsyttävä ääni mut se erottuu massasta kyl edukseen... Biittiki on ihan hyvä mut toisaalta sun räpit on sen verran hyvät et varmaa saisit minkä tahansa biitin kuullostaa paremmalt mitä se onkaa... Joo tosi hyvää kökköä on kyl : )
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