Sounds of a Beautiful Lyre

Def Puma | 11.02.2013 | Hip-Hop

2004. Beat by ChenSeven.

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(verse 1)

I miss being ya locksmith with the note keyed to ya octave
I read and weep, Im knee-deep in ya toxic
Im weak and feeling Ive lost it, killin a monster
and honestly I dont even believe in this love-shit
Im positive I wasnt even keeping you hostage
deceiving me, you played the lead and you loved it
unique, a week and you busted, the ring rusted
I wanna see ya mean blood leak in ya nostrils
Im hostile, I guess Im just doing my thing
I never played you, so you started pulling my strings
my little instrument with infinite intricate increments
now that I think of it, Im impotent, who am I kidding
you were my fiddle, my lyre, my violin, my wildfire ring
my inner vibe and my one desire to live
so wont you try it again?
I aint tired, I just fly in the wind
with my wrinkling synchronous fingertips

(chorus x2)

Still dying for my lyre to sing
Provide her with things a queen needs, thinking I am the king
Getting intimate, I meant to get the best for us
It's treacherous, the sounds of a beautiful liar

(verse 2)

I thought I kept you well, my initials hand-printed
on the bitter half of your tan finish
Add limericks in Finnish to your oiled back
Images of grimace on my royal cat, what a spoiled brat, yo
I'd never let you fail, catch hell
for every dissonant lie that I catch you tell
Half-witted when I can't fit in it, imagine it
Being passionate, can't hit a high without smashing it
The last minute was limited, I would bask in it
Masculinity past infinity, yo
It's the sounds of a beautiful liar
Something no fine-tuning will buy ya



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