Black Metal

Deconstruction 07.02.2014


Lyriikoista löytyy Keisari Suuri

9.5   3 136 plays
Black Metal

Circus of Uncreation 25.09.2013


Black Metal has large range of varieties :) Includes influences from jazz and Sentenced.

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Black Metal

Spirit of the Lake 21.04.2013


Viime talven kummistusjuttuja.

7   4 141 plays
Black Metal

O, Nefil 26.01.2013


For a long time fully booze loaded track.

No more stories to tell
I am fiend, not a friend
Obsessed by total Death
No rest till all is slain

Man that is horror
Life that is Death
Beauty that is deception
hellbound heart not of this world

O, Nefil
No life
Destroy all

Allegiance of destruction
Of all holy and "pure"
In storm they perish
Underground storms eternally

In flames they perish
M foes, my friends
All the same
I am not of this world

All must die
All must die now
No time for weakness
Merciless devastation, now

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Black Metal

The Grand Art 01.01.2013


Stretching the boundaries of Black Metal again.

8   8 179 plays
Black Metal

Quicksilver 27.08.2012


Faster than eye
your brain is too slow to see lucid nightmare
I am poison in your veins
that you do not see

I'm all around you
I poison your mind

I am poison in your veins
thought you cant control
impulse that shatters you
I have become you

slowly I corrupt your being
to madness and beyond
laughing all the way to cortex
watching you become mad

intoxication of no pleasure
I am your god
headache and pain
I control you

I am the nightmares
I am reality
I am the shadows
I am all you can perceive

I am more than blood
in your beings stream
minority yet vulgarly...

7.25   11 138 plays
Black Metal

ShadowLord 02.08.2012


Lurking in the shadows
Where light is unknown
An entity worshipped
By those who live in the dark

In the dreams of day dwellers
That dark deity haunts
If from that sleep you won't wake
To it your essence belongs

The wall of out perceived reality
Are not inpenetrable
Whom madness lies beyond
Is, for us, unfathomable

Ghastly visions drives men
Little by little
To leave the light
And join the Darkness

8.25   6 141 plays
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