The Morgue Nightwatch 11.08.2007


A Morgue Nightwatchman
An easy job
No one to guard for
And you´re in charge
Check for clock now
Slowly it moves
Bit over midnight
We just set the fuse

Drink some coffee now
To stay awake
Horror in TV, a cigarette brake
Someone´s watching, zombies lurk
You thought you knew what´s "a bad day at work".

Turn on that little flashlight
Patrol rolls in the dead of night
Corpses starting to move around
Behind your back something made a sound

The Morgue Nightwatchman
Escape if you can
Reanimation of the dead corpses
Dead eyes shouldn´t blink
At least so you think
As a child you learn there is...

8.8   3 1649 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

By Myself But Not Alone 27.07.2007


I walk the streets
A starlit night
And start my endless fight
Just corruption
My eyes meet
Lost minds filling empty street
Take a look around
And you´ll see
World living on treachery
Occupied with
Meaningless deeds
That´s all what the forsaken need

By myself now
By myself now
By myself now but not alone
By myself now but not alone
With this hell loose where should I go
A Feast of lies
The Unheard cries
Fuck´em all I´m best on my own


I walk the streets
The city lights
Shine so hollow yet so bright
Just deception
My eyes meet
Lost minds filling empty street
Take a look...

9.5   3 845 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

Strike For Thy Lord 21.07.2007



Set to flames

Face thy fate
An Oath was made
So do or die

Thou slay with
Great power
Thou kill with
True honor
Thy must not
Too late

Thy guts be spilled for the cause

the Courage
In a word
In a deed
Thy shall not
Let down
The Creed

Traitors won´t live to regret

Strike for thy lord
Raise thy red sword
Honor of the throne
Into glory ride
Option is to die

Thou have no choice
Thy life´s ours boy
Attack for The Creed
Assault thou shall lead
Poor are born to bleed

Black knight
Thy master...

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Cyanide Cure 07.07.2007


New, better mix of the song posted in 07/07/2007.
The drum mix is dryer and vocals are cut down a bit.

This song is about medical psychiatry turning patients to drug addicts.


Swallow this pill
Obey our will
Makes evil fade
Erase harm made

Never do question
Our authority
Never ask reason
Or sleeveless shirt you´ll see

We help you
Cease thinking
We give your
Life a meaning
Cry with you
Laugh with you
We do care
´Bout the paycheck anyway

You just need to rationalize
Face the dead end that´s called your life

Just accept your failure was in truth a triumph
And you´re worth a...

10   0 583 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

Desperate/Dangerous 11.03.2007


This song is about cheating, betrayal of love and revenge. The protagonist murders his faithless girlfriend and her lover to revenge cheating, but ends up being a serial killer who kills all women he gets to know.


So our hero takes a sword and takes an axe hateblinded
He runs to dead cold night and back for maidens cottage now
The sight of betrayal brings a hate and Red Light in his eyes
Man´s pride is taken from him now it´s time to take a life

Cursed whore
Heads will roll
Sinners get a Sinners End
Taste the blade
Fast castrate
Justice done in a blink of an eye


-   2 902 kuuntelua

Hammer Killings 21.02.2007


This song is about murder and about revenge.


Voice in your head:

Do it
Just do it


Are you ready go
Tonight blood will flow
Systems set for a total mass destruction
Me and hammer will
Give you all some hell
Bring my endless pain to final liberation

The night is chilling
A mindless killing
"An act of madman" The headlines of the day
Masses never knew
The little thing you do
Using human heart as your daily prey

Will take you down
Hammer killings
Will crush you down

Alrite, stage two
I´m here to teach you
´Bout the creative use of a construction tool
Since you...

8.5   1 903 kuuntelua
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