ID (Original Mix) 01.09.2011


Something that has been cooking inside my computer hard-drive for a while now. Finally had some studio time to really look this track through and actually got it finished. Gonna send the demo any day soon....also watch the video: http://www.youtube.com...

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Last Night Inspiration -Sample 31.07.2011


Got that inspiration back after such a long time, been waaay too busy with everything :(

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Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym - Follow You (Cylenth Vision Remix) 12.03.2011


This is my entry for the remix contest, you may listen to the full track at: http://soundcloud.com/...

Did this remix in a hurry so...

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New track...teaser 09.03.2011


I know I'm a bad person to tease you this way, but this track is almost ready and hopefully I'll get it published soon. It's a bit different style of trance music I'm used to make so bare with me :)

Hope you like what you hear, even if it's not much...

I also posted this little teaser with a video on my YouTube channel, wathc it here:

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