Where the Corpse-lights still Waver

Cykranosh | 24.09.2015 | Black Metal

/* Just cleaned up the low-end down so you can play it louder.
/* From Sepentrion - In Caligo (2002 demo)

In the dead of the darkest midnight
Beyond the great vast forests
In the still of the eclipsed moon
Forsaken by the long span of centuries
Apparitions dance in the marshes
Long-forgotten ones so ancient
Blue lights in the swirling fog
A great fear beyond memory

Where the corpse-lights still waver
Out of reach and almost out of sight
Where the shadows are long and dark
In the woods so forbidding and uncharted

It is here they all died so long ago
Trapped between this world and another
Enticing mortals into the deep mires
They are forever damned to remain

Come hither! Can you hear them call your name?

The very worm that gnaws
And the darkness devours...
Beneath the black waters
You will never find peace

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