Under the Cemetery Spell

Cykranosh | 16.06.2006 | Black Metal

All that here ever was
Is all that ever shall be
'Twas a futile war against reality
The conqueror worm that gnaws
At the heart of all that ever lived
Our bodies so fragile and in dying
Our minds so fleeting and decaying
As wolverine flies we end our days
When the final hour is nigh
The pain of life that lasted
A life so quickly gone and wasted
The sorrow of lasting human misery
Buried and forgotten in eternity
Beneath the mound of woes and earth
Under the cruel cemetery spell
Here and now I live, and now I die
Under the cold cemetery spell

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Cykranosh 30.01.2010
The eternal worm that gnaws at the heart of everyone, deep inside you, you know it is there, but it will never go away; the feeling of loss, something you did wrong, if it is not in you, you are not human, you are dead inside.
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