Metempsychosis Void

Cykranosh | 20.04.2007 | Black Metal

To live again... such bleak a notion
And therefore untrue
The path is clear in the night
Before the dawn takes me

A void that lasts eternally
When all the dreams are dead
A void that seeks no solace
There is no return

Beware the dawn
Shadows it casts are mere illusions
While the wavering deep trenches
in the dark
in the primordial night
Relinquish all fear
To live again... never again
Before the dawn
The path is clear in the night
When the night takes me
Embrace the moon
Shadows it is casting are true

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Cykranosh 16.12.2009
What I learned from here, I've used in other projects. Never do what you want, do what people want. Nobody likes a sore loser, but that's what everybody has to confront one time or another in life. In the end, you lose.
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