Digital Horizon

Cyberman | 07.06.2004 | Spacesynth
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T.Porkka 02.02.2005
Ok. Great job. Brety nice sounds but as you heard from others sounds could be lil bit stronger. Melody is brety Göod. Effects are great. Vocals are almost good them will be lil bit louder. More of this and keep it going same way.
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syny 13.08.2004
Bass is pure 80's, sounds nice but is too weak and quiet, as well as the drums. Melodies are nice but don't catch me so well. It seems that some sounds are too loud and others so quiet. With better mixing and more sensible melodies I would maybe give 9 points. :)
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rebb 22.07.2004
Sounds like an Amiga 500 demotune to me and that's not a bad thing. Melody is catching enough, played this one in loop for an hour or so :) Mixing needs some adjustments as said before i.e song is too quiet. But overall very nice tune indeed. Great job.
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Kathys Song 16.06.2004
Good melodies, good chords and very nice ideas, but the mixing´s not so good. The lack of power and depth in the sound destroy these good sides, making the listener concentrate more on the bad sound than the music itself...
If you get a better sound, the music would sound a lot better... :)
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qso 08.06.2004
Your best melodies and your best tune so far on this page. The stabs in the beginning sound like they aren't quantized properly. Stab-melody is quite traditional but doesn't sound bad. Unfortunately the bassline is very thin and doesn't bite at all. I like those voices but they are too quiet. Sync lead starting around 1 minute mark is ok but could be improved. Bell melody 1:15 flows quite nicely!

I would pay attention to mixing and finding good sounds because that's the biggest drawback of this tune. You have made some good melodies but now it's time to make the mix sound louder, punchier and more .. spacey :)
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Mark Vera 07.06.2004
Mixing could be better, as said it is a bit quite. Some good melodies, and some melodies just don't fit quite that well. The stabs at the begining are average, a bit too standard for my taste - sounds like some synth demo song. The melody starting near 0:50 sounds nice, but the mixing of it ruins it totally. Some Jarreish Zoolook elements, which I do like very much.
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Electron 07.06.2004
Hmm, drums could be more powerful. Some quite good melodies there. The best tune on this page by far. Thumbs up!
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