Instrumental Rock

All at Sea 28.11.2020


One-man-band goes from melancholy to full blast!

Sakari Salonen plays: drums, guitars and bass.

Here's the music video!

8   9 75 plays

Swamp Creature 22.09.2018


Darker, gloomier, heavier - the return of the one-man-rock-band.

Yours Truly plays: drums, guitars, bass and some keyboards

Music Video:

8.86   27 361 plays
Instrumental Rock

Nowhere Nautilus 06.03.2018


An upbeat, melodic and compact return of this one-person-band. Sikki-six played: drums, guitars, bass, keys and percussion.

Here's the music video:

8.09   16 1155 plays | Song of the week (10/18)
Instrumental Rock

Silver Submarine 08.03.2016


This one-man-band returns with lots of twists & turns! Real instruments are the name of the game. All comments are welcome - enjoy & share!

Here's the music video:

Sikki-six does: drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and production

8.34   46 571 plays
Instrumental Rock

Crooked Deeds 18.11.2012


Big sounds from a one-man band.

9.05   77 1544 plays

Hypoxia 25.02.2009


Freak-outs in the world of sound.

8.78   89 1592 plays

Reverence 02.12.2005


An older tune with huge spacey guitars and upfront melodies. Some would call this post-rock. Check it out, Share and Enjoy!

All audio is played by Sikki-six.

8.49   78 3161 plays
Instrumental Rock

Saturday Night Slump 17.02.2012


Ass-shakin' in D minor.

All instruments played by yours truly.

8.95   56 865 plays
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