Oh yeah! The second song from the new HYDRA EP, called ScoobyDoo!

We all just get so lit by the sounds i cook up in the lab. We are guilty. We are high as fuck. We are the crackheads for the boom bap of the early nineties. We DO get high, on my own supply and i´ll keep being the chef for our crew from here till infinity. Another banger with the greatest dog, Tim doing the hook duties for us, so just skippidi ski and come get high with us if this is also your drug of choice!

Maniac James:
This is our "Dusted part 2" song. We made the the original Dusted song in 2001 for the album "Gateway Product" and we also had a great LIVE BAND version for it (check our pages). So this is the sequel for that and the simple idea is to be naturally stoned from the fatty-boom-rap-beats that CNF makes. And of course Tim Dog's chorus line are the cherry on top. This is my favorite track because KRD's beat is sooooo groovy! And it brings me waywayback to the different world that we used to live in..

MC Reel:
We are so old that we repeat ourselves in 20 year cycles. Dusted song was created when this millennium was in baby mode. Now we are 20 year old university student exploring what the world has to offer. This song is my personal favorite, I really like our flow and my style is psychedelic as ever. I feel free. I feel like partying with the ScoobyDoo. Tim Dog is there to support our journey towards bottom..or up…it’s the Bottoms-Up Anthem! KRD’s beat are just on point. Foreverteen. CNF party breaker, rump shaker, whateveryouhavetaker. Dusted number 2020!!!

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