NotNewTaThis - With Chorus1986 (UK) and DJ Logout



The bassline is wicked, the beat is kicking, we have a dope feature on this from Chorus1986 (UK), ill scratches from the DJ Logout and the godfather Tim blessing us with the awesome chorus, so we are going out witta bang! The last track from the HYDRA EP is an international gathering and it shows the positive side of a global pandemic, artists collaborating via internet and creating something so volatile, that your speakers might catch a flame...this was a fun project to do in a bad circumstances, but i hope ya´ll enjoyed the songs, we sure as hickidi heck did!

Maniac James

"Let it GO, let us IN, Here comes the crazy FINNs ..with the international gathering". Tim Dog is the god and this is the fat-boom-beat that can break ya neck if you are not careful. Featuring the man from UK: Chorus1986 and also a great DJ Logout. The track is the old dogs anthem for the future, where hip-hop is universal and CNF are above the overground doing whatever we like to do, without any pressure to fit in any trendy genre molds. 30 years in this rap thang gives you some freedom to be yourself and that is what we definitely are.

MC Reel

I am so happy we have Chorus1986 and DJ Logout on this track. To have international connection and a real Hip Hop DJ on a CNF track is like a dream come true. It’s Tim Dog talking to us and telling us to move. ”Hip Hop is universal, this is a future rap”. I think it’s been a hard year for the world, so we need the HYDRA EP from CNF. It’s the testimony of not giving up and being creative together. For the EP we reinvented ourselves, upgraded our production, bought new microphones, got new connections and made some great music. And we had a wonderful CD cover art from Denmark (huge thanks Bjarke Bruun aka MC Meller). It all shows our love for the music. love for the hip hop. It all belongs to us all.

Let’s celebrate!!!

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