MonkeyBehaving (global crisis remix)


Global Crisis 2020 Remixes part 17

Monkey Behaving (Nuttin Like It Global Crisis 2020 Remix)

As Finns, we love to take the ferry to the south Helsinki (Tallinn) or Stockholm. It really was more active thing in our early/mid/late 20´s and early 30´s, but in a world without pandemic, this is still a valid choice of having a good time with friends and/or family. Our trips with friends tend to take the "a tad" more alcohol driven and there are such stories from those trips, like someone of us breaking a bone while dancing in a alcohol fueled frenzy, but you gotta listen to the song to get a vivid picture of person´s taking that trip and what actually happens.

Me and James recorded the actual safety protocol announcement in one of these trips and it can be heard in the intro ;), so put on a life jacket and hit the tax-free with us!

" Shimmy, shimmy...oh yes i like to be on the
winning, winning side of things, either that
or i´m never singing, this much liquor in my head
is ringing, just be bringing, more booze
cos my liver never settles for the couple
it needs to marinated with a lot of motherfucker"

" Yeah we be that, crew you see on a p.u.b on a Seacat
crossing the pond at the bar
gettin in to ape, troll or whateva condition
empty shells to the side, we need more ammunition
ova here, it´s beer & bullshit, music playin on the backround
that sound is us talkin loud and few hours even louder"

" 6 in the morning there´s a knock on the door
mc´s in the place with some liquor and whore´s
i mean, ticket and sauce, i mean i said it before
cos it´s a one mean pack without a minute to bore
just call the cab, cos we like to begin
early in the morning with some tonic and gin "

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