Modern Primitive (Global Crisis Remix)


Global Crisis 2020 Remixes part 10

Modern Primitive (Global Crisis 2020 Remix)

Original version of Modern Primitive might be the only song EVER, we have lost the working files due to hard drive crash and had to work around a pre-mixed beat and record verses to that. It still came around good as always, but that memory of getting that uneasy feeling around your stomach, whilst trying to open the Ableton Live -file and getting an error message has imprinted in my brain.

Nowdayz, every beat i make, is immediately saved also to a backup drive = a monkey learns things :).

For this remix, i really went for that "funky loop" type of a beat and altough i NEVER like a saxophone sounds, this is our first song, that has a cool breeze jazz saxophone on the chorus, and hot diggity, it works!

Everyone has dope bars on this one, as i have stated before, we seldom do 16 bars (we like em 8 bars), but this required more time to get all of ours point across and i´m glad we did that, cos it equals to booming track & verses.

"Modern primitive, hypnotized by the drums
tribal call to arms for the chosen ones
fresh face to cause fear, a war paint
on a neck an amulet of a fallen saint"

"What i need is a lower version of me, modern primitive
less is more, more is less, for mind to see
feel free, feel good to be me
no more information needed"

"Objects, people, concrete
buildings, like pixel dust
it´s a must to push play, like i´m just
born to play..."

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