So here it is finally, the first song from the new HYDRA EP, called Good 2 Go!

This project got started, when i was listening Tim Dog while working and still after almost 30 years, loving the first two albums. As Tim was an MC with pretty straight up lyrics with a punch and i decided, that we should pick few, for choruses on our future songs. Fellas loved the idea and we came up with four samples.

These four vocal samples created the choruses for all of these EP songs. Next, as some might remember from a video months ago, we were at the studio picking the beats for this project and found four beats from our SU-700 sampler zip disks and then we decided what song links to what chorus. After that, we decided the topics for the songs and we were off to write some lyrics!
Then the pandemia hit and the project got changed once more, we all bought similar mics and recorded each of our lyrics from our homes (except Reel of course, who has the studio :) ) with the new, shiny microphones.
So we decided to do this projects in a reversed order as we usually do and AND record the lyrics in seclusion and this was a fun experience!
Also, it is nice to see, that the Finnish-Danish connection works, because we got this great painted album cover picture done by our friend Bjarke Bruun! (https://www.facebook.c...)

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