All Innocence Lost

Cerebro | 18.06.2007 | Heavy Metal

Possessed-EP #5

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(Lyrics by Kettunen)

Take my last breath

A seemingly hollow mind
is weaving a masterplan
for a painless end
and an endless pain
is making him insane
Scorn, blight - trust

It was not a surprise
how it all ended
though he didn't deserve it
Guilty as charged, they said

I'm standing...awaiting...
For my sanctuary...
The core of his innocence is lost

Sweet forever, forgotten
Teardrops fall
The flowers slowly wither away

He left this madness with a question on his lips
Serenity in his eyes
Azure dreams never fulfilled
He never got what he came here to find...

Life in death, forevermore
As a silent cadaver he bids his last goodbye


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