Blue Steel Eyes


There's no snow, there's only winter
Just go with the flow, when nothing beats the winner
Freezing icesticks in my brain, deadly poison in my vain
No happiness, no pain, no glory without no gain
I'm no deaf, i'm almost dead, I see monster in my bed
Don't miss me when i'm gone, it's only right 'cause it's so wrong
Don't bow leper, follow your heart
All is said, but not done yet
I've lost all my playing cards
Fate decides what you'll get
Thy palace reminds me wooden maze
There's no need for clothes
Sorrow used to fill my days
I got no more fear for ghosts
VI (chorus)
Mistress Breeze gave me the fever
I can't help myself
All i do is tremble and shiver
The riddle hides inside the shell

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Deviant2 17.09.2022
Pisteet hyvistä riffeistä, biisin kulusta ja lyricseistä!
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