Victory Will Come from God

Antabusband | 27.07.2014 | Thrash Metal

M: Väätäinen, Korhonen L: Väätäinen

Homes burn, people cry, livelihoods are destroyed. 
It`s just a normal day around here 
What we are fighting for? No one really cares. 
I just can't stand the idea of defeat

The guns fall silent, and the communities bury their dead 
Preparing for the next time, since there'll always be a next time 
No agreements, just recrimination 
Nobody wants this war, but nobody will let it end 

Oh, can't you see
The way it will be?
Your loss, our victory 

Defeat! Defeat! Defeat!

We`re all going to die, today or tomorrow 
But those who died today are martyrs and not any dead 
This blood provided by our families 
Will not go in vain 
Oh, can`t you see
How easily
Your words provoke me?
So stay silently! 

Defeat! Defeat! Defeat!

Many have already died, much have been destroyed 
Victory will come from god! 
Redemption is close at hand, just a little more war 
Victory will come from God! 

Victory! Victory! Victory! 

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