Thrash Metal

My Last Antabus 27.07.2014


M: Korhonen, L: Väätäinen, Korhonen, Hammarberg

"Come on! Come open my cap
Rise my bottom to the sky
Let! Let me show you my love
Feel! Feel the warmth inside ...  you"

Hootch whispers my name 
and its hard to resist
It’s good I happen to have
Something to assist

This can’t be my last antabus
That is what my doctor told me I should use
If not I will have screws in my head loose
And my parents will have to hear more bad news

Damn! That sure was my last pill
I’ll Call, and order a couple more
Why won’t you give me another dose?
I will come there myself!

Antabus is the best...

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Thrash Metal

Words In a Row 27.07.2014


M: Väätäinen, L: Väätäinen, Korhonen, Hammarberg

According to my insanity
This song really is world class quality
It was made by valued intellectuals
And perfected by sophisticated vocals

It doesn’t matter what I say
No one reads the lyrics anyway
I can focus to the more essential
By putting these words in a row

Others work hard just to get laid
As they write slimy love serenades
After a month, they're still not finished
But we could do better in five minutes

’Cause it doesn’t matter what I say
No one reads the lyrics anyway
I can focus to the more essential
By putting these...

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Thrash Metal

Antabus For All 27.07.2014


M: Väätäinen, Korhonen L: Väätäinen

”Time is fulfilled, and the new kingdom is at hand
You must repent, and believe in the gospel of the antabus”

Hey, it didn't taste so bad
At first it felt a little strange, but now I feel glad
Say, why I didn't knew this before?
This good news of antabus should be preached to all!

Spread the word! (What, haven't you heard?)
I got a message from my doctor
Close the borders (No one gets out!)
There's no escape from this!

Stay. Don't go anywhere!
There are many people like yourself falling to despair
Wait, don't you wanna know some more?

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Thrash Metal

Victory Will Come from God 27.07.2014


M: Väätäinen, Korhonen L: Väätäinen

Homes burn, people cry, livelihoods are destroyed. 
It`s just a normal day around here 
What we are fighting for? No one really cares. 
I just can't stand the idea of defeat

The guns fall silent, and the communities bury their dead 
Preparing for the next time, since there'll always be a next time 
No agreements, just recrimination 
Nobody wants this war, but nobody will let it end 

Oh, can't you see
The way it will be?
Your loss, our victory 

Defeat! Defeat! Defeat!

We`re all going to die, today or tomorrow ...

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