Doomed Gangstaz- Fuck the world


Produced: Dj K'S

9.00   978 kuuntelua


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zimbe 22.03.2009
yeah gangstahh! tsek gangsta hood is gangsta
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Mr.BangBoom 22.02.2006
Damnn!!! This is hot shit fo' real. what country y'all from ?
the first rhyme sayer sounded like 'pac...
y'all got almost the whole pack.but it would be betta' if y'all would done sum catchy chorus.but i love it.

ps. go check out our cru and criticize.
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molekyle 01.02.2006
daaaaamn... u tupak the second or sumtin? dunno but the second spitter was ok, but that first was a damn carbon copy... u boys white or black? ima laug my ass if u white :E
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DeathCold.Inc. 30.01.2006
the first rapper sound pac like.. dawg shit is murder.. listen my shit and holla back if you feelin it
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DeathCold.Inc. 29.01.2006
ooxte suamest? mad shit dawgh`s! käykää tchekkaa mun shitit! ettikää -tome- on aight!
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Zeba 19.08.2005
hyvä flow :) 10

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