...Remains Torn

1 LOGIC | 03.02.2011 | Heavy Metal
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...Remains Torn

Many times on my quest for truth/
I thought I had solid ground/
but shortly after that/
there is some unreliability found/

Yesterday I thought/
it was Truth I had/
but then again I realized/
my thinking had been incomplete and bad/

I HAVE TO TRUST SOME SOURCES - more than others/
but in the end they're all the same/
Though some have to be now good enough for me/
the final peace remains ungained/

If there's no source that I can trust from the science nor the gods/
then how am I supposed to know what's true and what is not?/

My desperate battle rages on/
to find a stable base of life/
to find some solid stones to build/
a home for my soul and mind/

But this world keeps turning more and more/
into liquid sort of form/
No solid point that I can grab/
from my fingers it all flows...



I am starting to feel like I'm stupid or something/
but who are these fools then who don't think even now as I sing/
Then who are these fools who come and present their truth/
as the ultimate one though it's clearly not even close to shatterproof/

I need mine shatterproof/

If there's a truth that I can find with my mind or my poor luck/
then why on earth I can't be sure from anything WHAT THE FUCK?/




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Outlander_ 05.02.2011
Mielenkiintoisesti sovitettu biisi. Pitää muutama kerta kuunnella, että aukenee kunnolla. Kertsistä tulee osittain mieleen Rhapsody, joka on totta kai hyvä asia. Laulajan ääni käy hyvin tyylilajiin. Joissakin kohdissa vokaalit tuntuu hieman hukkuvan, mutta eipä tuo merkittävästi vaikuta kuuntelukokemukseen. Biisi on sopivan pituinen, ei käy tylsäksi missään vaiheessa ja vaihtelua on riittämiin. Ei hassumpaa, ei yhtään hassumpaa.
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