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<P>??Sneak Preview: A Look Inside the St. Cloud Costco Store</P>

??ST. CLOUD -- The second largest Costco Boutique fashion wholesale uk store in Minnesota is about ready to open its doors. The much-anticipated store in St. Cloud is opening to the public on Saturday morning. The retail store is over 160,000 square feet on 21 acres of land.

??Spokeswoman Kayla Campillo says they've been busy the past several months signing-up new members all across central Minnesota.

??We're definitely a destination shop, so a lot of our wholesale toys uk members come from far away, even an hour out. If they come to St. Cloud for other things Costco's just another place on their list.


??Campillo says they've signed up a few thousand new members, which join wholesaler in nyc the 100 million Costco cardholders worldwide. The cost for an executive membership is $120 and a standard membership is $60.

??Costco baby products wholesale distributor, photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice

??Over 180 people have been hired to work at the retailer, and store general manager Katie Elder says they had about 2,000 people apply for a job with the company.

??Campillo says they are a company known for being a good place to work.

??I think Costco is a desirable place to work, we have great benefits even for part-time employees. I have been with the company for 10 years, Katie our GM has been here for 20 years. We don't have a high turnover.

??Campillo says you can still apply for a job on the company's website and the application stays online for up to 60 days.

??There are 10 Costco wholesale toys stores in Minnesota.

??Different departments inside the store include a lunch counter, optical, pharmacy, hearing, and a tire shop.

??Costco wholesale pet, photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice

??If you've never shopped at a Costco before they carry everything from electronics, to seasonal items, to name brand clothing. You can even buy a nearly $88,000 ring in their jewelry department.

??Elder says in their food department their store brand Kirkland is popular among their customers.

??She says they also like to stock Minnesota-based products when they can, they carry St. Cloud State University items, and they are members of the local Chamber of Commerce.

??The RJC recently updated its code of practice to include colored gemstones and silver, and align its due-diligence requirements with those of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The revisions also established new standards for detecting undisclosed synthetic diamonds, as well as providing updates to its guidance on labor practices, human-rights issues, environmental standards and better inclusion of gender and vulnerable groups.

??Van der Veken believes the code of practice provides a strong framework to help companies move their sustainability programs forward and better aligns the industry with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). “When we look at how to tackle the next 15 years, our strategy is about sustainable growth under the guidance of the SDG,” she added. “There is a great opportunity in these goals, and we have to look at how we are contributing to them as an industry.”

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