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Sarah Ellen

Sarah Ellen— Australian actress, model, scriptwriter—is taking on the world in style

I had done yoga the night before and was just stretching on set and we said: ‘Yes! Let’s do that!’” the very petite Sarah Ellen is saying over juice in Sydney’s Paddington during a freak rainy spell of her Vogue shoot. “The clothes were all ready and we were messing around with the set and it was ‘Yoga with Sarah Ellen’,” she says after she slipped into a standing tree pose in Gucci heels. The result, though, is an impossible version of chic yoga in a luxury harem, perhaps on a rooftop at sunset in a languid lean that recalls that Talitha Getty photo. Switch the activewear for the aforementioned brand’s foulard Palazzo pants in psychedelic paisley and it’s a character she can slip into easily.

“When I’m working at events like fashion week or photo shoots, I like to be very colourful,” says the 19-year-old actress, model and polymath whose pursuits seem to stretch further than just the ‘influencer’ label. Limbering up for a night out in the season’s best prints is part of the deal for someone who travels the world collaborating with brands like Tiffany & Co. and Saint Laurent, shooting video and photos for her website Perks of Her, which she’s just relaunched, and for a fledgling acting career that has taken her from the cast of Neighbours to LA.

Being well versed in switching characters made her see the act of putting on clothes differently. “People have a certain style and a certain aesthetic and they can stick to that. I’m not that person,” she says simply. “I like a variety of different clothes. I love vintage ... and then at the same time I love sneakers and I love wearing heels. I love wearing thigh-high boots.”

With a neat chocolate crop that she dyed from ice blonde earlier this year, Ellen has buoyancy befitting her youth and an optimism that catches on. Her skin has that teenage glow; after all, she is one, though barely. She has the unnerving birth year of 1998, given she works so much, and will turn 20 next January.

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Kirjoitettu Tuesday 09.01.2018


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