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Meet the sisters and

Meet the sisters and co-founders of Brisbane-based jewellery label Natasha Schweitzer

The beach, the soupy Brisbane heat or their mother’s jewellery business all could have been formative influences in the germination of Alexandra and Natasha Chipman’s aesthetics, but instead it’s none of the above. At least not specifically. “Our parents lived overseas half their lives. My other grandma is German and we’re European on both sides,” says Natasha, the elder of the two sisters behind jewellery label Natasha Schweitzer – the last name being their mother’s. “Very open-minded to life: that’s how I’d describe our family. There’s no Queensland element in us.”

Free-form thinking has led the duo, both with wafting spun-gold hair, to discover their own relaxed aesthetics and a signature look untethered to geography or era. “I’m certainly more polished,” Natasha reflects, while Alex considers herself “a bit more vintage”. Denim is both their bedrock – Frame and Re/Done are ever-present – added to daily uniforms of Acne shirting for Natasha and “sneakers and a cool top” for Alexandra. When they’re not working it’s staple jewellery, such as the label’s pearl choker paired with dresses for evening, or their signature Odette hoops and shorts for the beach. “It just works,” says Natasha.

It might seem antithetical to a jewellery line that an unadorned look is their go-to, but unity comes in a pragmatic and edited sensibility; their gold and silver pieces are guided by subtle geometry, sinuous lines and their pick- and-mix range of influences – from art to 1970s coffee-table books. The other advantage is that it leaves time for more important things like family; their mother a constant mentor. “She’s always there for us. She’s so proud, since we’re doing her profession,” says Alexandra.“It makes her cry all the time.”

This article originally appeared in the November 2017 issue of Vogue

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