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The Year In Video Game Fashion, 2017

The Year In Video Game Fashion, 2017

Of all the games of 2017, Splatoon 2 might be the best demonstration of how good it feels to like how you look. The clothing you can buy all comes with special perks -- some will make it easier to walk through enemy ink, others give you a boost to your special, and so on. Despite the tangible gameplay differences, I almost always make outfits based around what looks good. Sure, I try to put on an article of clothing with Ninja Squid, which allows me to swim in ink invisibly, but I won't force it if it messes up my look. You hear that? I'm nevergoing to wear that bike helmet.

In Splatoon 2's main lobby, Inkopolis Square, you'll see your fellow Inklings all decked out in their most recent outfits, and I just cringe at the thought of being seen in someone else's game looking anything less than on point. When I see a particularly well-dressed squid I usually take a snap of them to remember later, and I suspect other people do so as well. At the very least, Splatoon 2 gives you a mechanic to order clothing directly from the Inklings in the square, which I almost only use when someone is wearing something cool that I really want. In this game, literally every single week is Fashion Week, and everyone is an impossibly cool, fashionable kid standing around to get their picture taken. Even if you don't dress up often in real life, it still feels good to know your fancy little Inkling is in someone else's game, strutting their stuff.

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