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Friday 12. Decemberta 2008

VANGUARD julkaisee levynsä tammikuussa

VANGUARD julkaisee toisen levynsä tammikuussa (04.12.2008 16:29:52) Tummanpuhuvaa metallia, kauniita melodioita ja tarttuvia kertosäkeitä... Lue lisää


Tuesday 18. Marchta 2008

Vanguard - Samples from Hydralchemy!

Hey guys! We finally added two samples from the upcoming second album - Hydralchemy! www.mikseri.net/vanguard Lue lisää


Wednesday 12. Marchta 2008

Vanguard - Finally done!

The album is finally done! Recorded, mixed and mastered - ready for world domination! Now we're opening dialogues with different labels and... Lue lisää


Tuesday 19. Februaryta 2008

Vanguard - Gig photos and album schedule

Hi guys, it's Suvi here after a while! The long wait is closing in on its end, the new album is being mixed as we speak. Mixing will be done by... Lue lisää


Tuesday 12. Februaryta 2008

Debut album orders 11.2.2008

Hi guys, just a quick post in between. Lots has happened and soon we'll post some great stories and pics from my and Mikko's trip to Moscow and... Lue lisää


Wednesday 02. Januaryta 2008

Great pictures!

Although not official promopictures, I just have to mention three excellent photographers that have taken some cool shots from our gigs.... Lue lisää


Thursday 27. Decemberta 2007

The recordings are finally done!

Well! Almost didn't think I'd ever get to say this, but the recordings for the album are finally done! I mean done. Tonmi might still make some... Lue lisää


Saturday 24. Novemberta 2007

Slowly but surely

Suvi here, gradually returning to the status of almost alive after a rough weekend - there was a short but pointless sea quest to Estonia during a... Lue lisää


Wednesday 10. Octoberta 2007

Other profiles

Hey, just thought I'd mention the other profiles we have for this band. It seems these days you have to have lots of them all over the net. So here... Lue lisää


Monday 24. Septemberta 2007

Patience is a virtue

Guten Abend everyone! We haven't been writing to the blog for a while, but I assure you, we are working hard for the new album. We started to... Lue lisää