The Beast (The Yrohtab)

Yrohtab | 09.05.2009 | Black Metal

We are gathered here
to witness crucifixion
of all the men of faith
your lies must reign no more

we are gathered here
to mourn the loss
of those condemned by deceivers
your sacrifice lives forever

so much hell has been unleashed
to reveal the heaven
so much effort to see
heaven is the true hell

beast of yrohtab
rise from your unmade grave
shine us the unlight of wisdom
show us the meaninglesness of life

let us dig the grave
to all the faulty ones
they have made the shovels
which we use to make their graves

as vessels of the one unknown
we obey your commands
as dreamers of your kingdom
may your will be done

what you have havent said
will be done
what you havent dreamt
will be completed

curses upon curses upon curses
we respond to your hate
we distribute them forward
for you, the true unhuman misanthrope

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