Storm Within

Yrohtab | 06.11.2009 | Black Metal
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Chaos is ultimate reality
contagious hell within
struggling to understand
what cannot be comprehended

I am just like the night
dark, cold and full of secrets
storm is rising
freezing winds will end it all

trail of broken hearts
and fucked up minds
my power grows
as my disease spreads

storm within
battle that you cannot win
haunting past
from which you cannot leave

Piece by piece
I demolish your soul
trying to find myself
in my storm within

I embrace these winds
that will carry me away
through the gates of mortality
when coldness within freezes my body

obsessed by visions
beyond humanity, beyond mortality
driven by lust
beyond perception, beyond life

echoes in my mind
voices that never were
like a hailstorm
freezing my mind as snow covers my body


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