Still not drunk enough

Yrohtab | 04.02.2010 | Black Metal

We are here to see
Nothing without brown glasses
we are here to realise
we are not intoxicated enough

Still not drunk enough
But this is my happy place
where my mind travels to carnage
world of death, with no humans

When Im drunk I dream
your entrails as my matress
cleaning my shoes on them
like I did when you were alive

Scent of human lust sickens me
is your fluids worth all that
I prefer to swallow robust brown
to let out streams of yellow disgust

my penis is there for piss
not for intercourse
abd even if it was
im too fucking drunk to fuck

still awake, too much coffee
in my whiskey bottle
if I lust I masturbate
or pass out as I do

or get drunk trying
welcome to my world

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