Possessed (God)

Yrohtab | 17.04.2008 | Black Metal

You all kneel before plastic gods
new pathetic shape of past
your only true god is possessed
and you who betrayed him will perished

All your angels are morbid
stand up to them and you will fall
your newfound hope will be crushed
as old possessed god rises for revenge

there is no place for hope, no remorse
only ashes ansd dust will remain
in glare of burning flesh and seven churches
last whispers of mankind echo

"death metal,death metal,death metal
death metal,death metal,death metal"

beyond the gates you will see
the price of betrayal of old ways
nwever in your wildest dreams
you would've believe such old tales

pathetic dreams of hope
there is no salvation
morbid possessed god
is only thing thats real

you're free to worship or disband
to choose life or death
you think it'll make difference
not for the morbid possessed god

8.00   245 kuuntelua


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