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Yrohtab | 16.04.2008 | Black Metal

Fuck you and fuck your god
we are back from hell again
With our new revelations
we return to glory of past

Satan has taught us well
of the genuine spirit of man
lessons you fear 'cause they're true
but can't be right according to your redeemer

Pathetic mankind
greed, lust, fear and hope is not salvation
mockery of man you are
useless, disposable and worthy of my loathing

King of jews has made you impotent
you fight against yourself for him
but you are no jew
so let your flame soar high

Is your faith in salvation so strong
that you willingly deny yourself?
we are not spawns of allmighty impotent
but reapers of the fallen one

Why would one bring peace
when our nature is in conflicts

So make your choice
do you live a lie or die in truth?
Is your hope more important than truth,
can you still live being dead inside?

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