For The Love (In Absolute Inevitable Void)

Yrohtab | 09.08.2008 | Black Metal

for so long i've searched for death
now I feel that im ready to go
to disappear from here to eternity
gone are the days where I was alive

but before I go there's a message
look at your life and realise
nothing is worth living in guilt
from the same guilt you were created

suicide is only solution for life
death will always reap what is alive
so drink, smoke, do drugs, we all die anyway
no matter how much you breed mankind is doomed

can you ever truly enjoy life
without thinking its all in vain
all our achievements in the dust
our lives for nothing

so realise its better to die
no knowledge or feelings
can ever save you from the void
so I summon the end of all life

your good intentions go to flames
all your love and compassion to waste
when the bell rings we all die
so consider this does it matter to live

no love lost when we die

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