Death or Glory

Yrohtab | 13.10.2007 | Black Metal

Today old gods live,
as warriors march to battle.
enemy outnumbers them,
but their faith compensates.

battle of freedom within,
death or glory, we are not slaves.
freedom and pride fills our souls,
surrender is never an option.

to this field we march,
to die or for glorious victory.
we will not be forgotten,
for purity we fight, DEATH OR GLORY

impious men of cross,
your lord will never be ours.
lies and deceit made your throne,
we will never surrender to you.

its not for hate we fight,
but for love of freedom.
what must be defended,
death or glory, theres no other path.

This song marks the return... of Sadist whose weapons on this anthem is poetry and expression of the glorification of the ancient battles with words

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