Beyond Tyranny of Time and Death

Yrohtab | 09.04.2008 | Black Metal

Endless aeons of torment
in place forgotten by death
where time and slime stay still
beyond the gates of this world

this is where we must go
when our curiosity will be paid
gateway that must remain closed

in this place is my home now
endless smell of entrails, feces and urine
neverending torture and pain
explorers must pay their price

to understand is to destroy
but walls beyond our world
are there for reason
no laws of even nature exist there

here is no time for sorrow
no need to fight for survival
not even slightest dream of death
only existence for meaningless torture

blood in my hands, now and forever
mine or others, it makes no difference
flow and stench is endless
we are beyond death and our world


this is realm beyond
the pleasures of life
and beyond cold heavens
nor here is warmth of hell


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