Antikosmik Prayer

Yrohtab | 17.03.2009 | Black Metal

Lies of Eternal Struggle
of chaos and order
binds you to make a choice
Truth would set you free

no, universe as we perceive it
is not totality of reality
no, "god" or "satan" is no freedom
truth lies beyond human perception

antikosmik prayer
will not go unheard
if you can read it right
with your limited human mind

when you acn find a way
to release your mind and flesh
from the cursed circle of cosmos
you are truly free once and for all

gloom of life is necessary
for man to finally seek his destiny
rebellious man will find a way
or be reborn to try again

what you call oblivion
I call my home
great minds suffocate here
bloody is the march to uncreation

trapped chaos to the form
is all "holy" life here
we are not ment to be or to breed
mere ghosts we are in eternal eyes

may my...
morbid soul!
resdt in peace

and I want...
to come...
to "hell" with me!

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