Yrohtab | 16.11.2010 | Black Metal

I flow over this dead ground
aeons have passed
reminder of what once was
dead dreams in morbid mind

I am not here to lead you
to salvation or damnation
I am not here to lead you
to find yourself in your chaos

I am here, trapped, for no reason
this cold ground is my home
for I have never seen the light
in this place forgotten by mortals

hovering in the air
in the ground you walk
as a fire that burns you
and I am the tears you shed

by the lords of the seas
by the lords of fire
by the aerial forces
by the lords of crumbling earth

winter comes and takes my heart
spring comes and takes my mind
summer comes and takes my soul
autumn comes and takes my life

dark is the new light
desperation is the new hope
hatred is new kindness
and death is new life

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