Heavy Metal

Novgorod 11.09.2007


New adventures of former Lithuanian mercenary in the streets of Helsinki.

Poetry by Axa. High vocals by Siiskonen of Far'n Beyond. Deep vocals by Victor from All Dreams Dying and Enochian Crescent. Bass played by Daniel Stuka of Babylon Whores and Outcast Crew. Lithuanian grunting by Paulius The Animal.

All the rest, plus mixing was done in August 2007 at Hellhole Studio by A.Lindell.

Mika Jussila mastered and polished the turd at Finnvox.

This song will be featured later this Fall in a double-CD compilation published by SavePoint games store. The compilation itself will be free, but...

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Heavy Metal

Mannerheim 09.01.2006


A modest tribute to the late great C.G.E. Mannerheim. Bottoms up, and pump up the volume!

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Heavy Metal

Maailmanmestari 09.01.2006


This song was heavily influenced by the ongoing 2003 Icehockey Championships, hosted by Finland.

As the legend has it, the song ended up in hands of the Finnish team's metalheads Toni Lydman and Janne Niinimaa. The two gentlemen then supposedly drove the rest of the team to near insanity with it.

Way to go!

Although that may explain why in the tournament the world saw one of the worst performances of team Finland in the recent history.

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Heavy Metal

Harmageddon 09.01.2006


Somewhat darker and more industrial atmosphere here.

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