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Almost Human 21.06.2007


Junior: "Do you like to play with blocks?"

1950s scifi horror.

Based on an old track i made a few years ago: Overpadded.

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Hope for a better day 28.10.2005


I composed this early 2005. I have just fixed a few weaker moments and mastered it now (october2005).

cover photo: newyear 2004/2005 berlin.

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An eye in Africa 11.09.2005


I named this piece "an eye in africa" when i first started working on it. It developed in a slightly different direction and now it brings images from the east rather than Africa. Still i let the name stick.

This is an old one from 2000-2001. I have learned alot since then, and there are a few things i would do differently. But it is still one of my favorites.

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Dagger phall 11.09.2005


remix of a tune from The Elder Scrolls II: daggerfall. I think the original was composed by Eric Heberling. I literally did this remix in 1 hour which is exceptionally fast for me. Ofcourse it is easier when you have a midi file to start from:

cover photo: sebastian matti robert

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Packing the Gear 11.09.2005


Composed the month before my antarctica trip 2003/2004.
Contains some c64 samples.

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Entropy 25.10.2005


Get ready to get microwaved!

A bit of a genre experiment for me.

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Aamu 13.09.2005


Minimalistic, boyant, and awkward beats.

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Freestyle 01 17.01.2008


An experiment in freestyle composition. I just had the sequencer recording in short loops. I simultaneously tweaked the instruments and arranged the recorded blocks. I did not discard any of the tracks i recorded. Instead i only allowed myself to swapped 'instruments' till i felt it worked. I added some filter sweeps later and brushed up the general balance of the mix afterwards.

It was almost like a live performance with no audience. :-)

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