Alternative Rap

Clouds 14.06.2018


why and how
Look how they form
made out of foam
i jump in and my brain starts to load

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Alternative Rap

Hastag 06.05.2018


Add more hastags, maybe mom and dad would buy more

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Alternative Hip-Hop

Midsummer 03.05.2018


Ladies and gentlemen, song for the midsummer midnight crazyness.
Juhannus kappale 2018, kaikki fiilistelemään.

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Alternative Rap

Never dream of dying 25.04.2018


osallistuminen mikserin james bond 25 biisi kilpailuun.
sweet dreams
do not scream
If you ask nicely
I make it easly
no more pain the bad man fail
bye bye bye I shoot you, die die

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Alternative Rap

Mommy get angry 24.04.2018


the spice is mother of earth: and we come up just when
dinner was serve:
we were playing roughly: Now Mommy get angry:
and make sure we are going badly

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Experimental Hip-Hop

Use me 20.04.2018


first one from the notherone

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Alternative Rap

Punch in the face 17.04.2018


shopping cart with different groceries

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Diggy Bang (poopers) 27.04.2018


ei tullut biggy banksia vaikka kuinka yritti.
tästä tulee kappale myöhemmin kun se sieltä tulee
Diggy diggy!

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