hypnotisoitavalle annetaan suggestio, jonka päämääränä on tuottaa muutoksia subjektiivisissa kokemuksissa, havainnoissa, aistimuksissa, tunteissa ja/tai käyttäytymisessä. 


Hypnose, keep yours nose out of this
Hypnose, you think you are smarter than me
Hypnose, learn how to keep your mouth shut
when I count to three, time to wake up
Buhuu do you scear us
was this too much, fuck this
Fuck this fucking therapist
sick sadist, shiiiit
memory card full of memories mix whit
sensoris, mind and trance
Fooling to
Dance, endless end
film is silence,
hypnose start,
you can feel it this moment and gone
Makes you crazy as fuuuck!
They can try it
you can act like it how
The fucking sadist
want it

you live youre life ina hypnoziz
you coock and wash youre dishes propaply
you do it again and you die
blame it on a hypnoziz
ingnorance is bliss
close youre eyes, point with fingertips
can you touch youre nose
feeling horny is a hypnoze
act like a animal or kill
thats a hypnoze
try to survive but thats a fucking hypnoze
you see magician doing tricks
you watch the whole show you do it complete
try to understan it was magic
part of the hypnoze doing daily
mails and news, coming at youre post
thats the part you hate most
hypnoze coast to coast
side to side, swing
and you fall
wake up stand tall
hypnoze gets yall

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