Hard Rock

Gitarr Marmelad 07.12.2022


Yritin keksiä riffejä.

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Heavy Metal

Night Mood (Ending Fucked Up) 01.12.2022


Alussa uuden riffin/biisin luonnostelua. Sen jälkeen vanha klassikko Nightmood, joka meni lopussa vituiksi äänitysmasiinan alettua sekoilemaan.

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Heavy Metal

Withering Winds (M.S.) 02.08.2021


When you live in fear from womb to tomb
and manic depression shakes your mind
It feels like you are covered with ice
and you can see there's no way out

All this noise and failure around
you feel that you can't win anything
It makes your brain so angry now
And you're about to lose your mind

Withering Winds wither you now
You're in the tunnel, there's no way out
Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's harder
It's impossible to turn back time

You wish that you could hide away
From all this agony to the promised land
But you ain't got wings, so you can't leave
You'll have to...

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Hard Rock

Chasm of the End 16.10.2022


Grey sky is sad I feel so bad
Rain is falling I can't see Sun
Now I think what i have done
I'm looking through the endless grey night

Now I'm walking down the sleepy street
I can't see no one, it ain't hard for me
Chilling coldness fills my soul
Feels like I'm going to the chasm of the end

My mind is filled with unpleasant thoughts
I'm looking pleasure from destruction
Still I can't find anything
Now I miss the good old times

Now I have this feeling inside
I start to lose control of life
My heart and my head are doing fight
I'm living through the endless grey night

Hypochondria bothers...

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Folk Rock

Dark Dots and Moonrays (October Leaves) 14.09.2022


Alunperin tosi vanha sävellys, jonka alitajuntani kaivoi esille pääni sisäisestä pöytälaatikosta. 1960-luvun tyylistä folk-meininkiä jazz-vivahtein.

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Nightmood (1184) 23.02.2022


Linkki alkuperäisen rekonstruktioon: http://www.mikseri.net...

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F.O.L.W.O.D. 18.02.2022


Fear of the Light

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Monster 05.08.2021


There's no snow, there's only winter
Just go with the flow, when nothing beats the winner

Freezing icesticks in my brain, deadly poison in my vain
No happiness, no pain, no glory without no gain

I'm no deaf, i'm almost dead, I see monster in my bed
Don't miss me when i'm gone, it's only right 'cause it's so wrong

Don't bow leper, follow your heart
All is said, but not done yet
I've lost all my playing cards
Fate decides what you'll get

Thy palace reminds me wooden maze
There's no need for clothes
Sorrow used to fill my days
I got no more fear for ghosts

VI (chorus)...

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