Heavy Metal

The Bringer of Light 05.12.2007


New vocalist...

Shallow, the existence without the word
To bring about a light to shine on me
Wallowing in the dead thoughts never here
Killing all the things that were ever dear

Come hither, for he is here
Rationalized but never materialized
Come hither, Lucifer's here
As dreamt by all the false prophets

Sickened by the shadow of another world
Sleeping within the eternal unrelenting cold
A mind raped by the self-righteous ones
A body killed by the time it takes for it to heal

Leave no stone uncast, you're the last
A bank of the road where the victim lies
Leave no stone...

10   1 354 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Devices of Hell 22.11.2007


Composed & recorded 22.11.2007. A bit clearer sound with new equipment.

-   0 171 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

In the Wake of Giants 17.10.2007


One more, one more one time!

-   0 153 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

The Bringer of Light 05.10.2007


Come hither, Lucifer's near.

-   0 153 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Science and Religion 07.08.2007


Dedicated to Galileo Galilei

-   1 153 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Black Candles (with vokills) 05.05.2007


In the dark where the silence echoes
The unspeakable name written in blood
Upon the chamber veiled in horror
Black candles flicker in the rotting air
The silence was just the beginning
When the voices whispered her name
Silence was shattered by the voice
Screaming out the name of who should never have been
Forever hidden from the gaze of the living
Unspeakable evil, sealed away in time
Forever hidden from the gaze of the living
Unspeakable evil, summoned by the black candles
The black candles were all burning
When the invocation was uttered
The black flames were all dancing

-   0 278 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Brimstoned 09.02.2007


Material from 2006, keyboards recorded and master mixing 9.2.2007.

-   0 177 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Lord of this World 29.12.2006


Rehearsal 2004, no vocals.

-   0 185 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

The Grass Is On Fire 14.12.2006


The grass in on fire and the face of Satan is within the smoke.

-   0 175 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Sacrifice the Childrens (vokilled) 24.11.2006


A modern world living on borrowed time
Taking away from the future generations
It cannot be so evil, it ain't no crime
Leaving a dead husk of Earth behind

Sacrifice the children, in some god's name
You know you like it, you'll do it anyway
Don't look now, ain't nobody else to blame
Go along with the ignorant religious game

In every age of civilization it's the same
It's not your problem, sure it'll go away
Until life as you know it again collapses
Another dark age, another millenium elapses

Deny yourself the gift of reason and wisdom
Knowledge must be evil... so very uncomfortable

10   0 301 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Sacrifice the Childrens 24.11.2006


As modern as it's going to get.

-   0 149 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

It's Terminal 21.11.2006


November 2006, second version. Hopefully I'll be able to record good vocals or find a vocalist, a "demo single" in the works with these two new songs!

-   0 174 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Vade In Pacem 21.11.2006


November 2006, second version with better hammond sound. No vocals yet.

-   0 148 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Master of the Fate 09.06.2006


Unfinished, recorded 10/2004

8   0 256 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Tower of Doom 09.06.2006


From unifinished demo 4/2004

10   0 249 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Leng 09.12.2005


When you think life is what you perceive
You find that all you believed in is a lie
And an another truth awaits your mind
To make sense of it all once again

In the cold waste beyond mountains
In the plateau of Leng a city of demons
Dreams to come again into this world
Through the gate of the silver key

Never put aside your horrid dreams
They tell you more than you can know
About the cruel world around you
And that beautiful world you hold within

Under the spell of death you realise
That the real power is within you
To change the world that lies dormant
Inside you, and all around you

-   0 191 kuuntelua
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